Turner Family Terrors 1-3: The Suburban Slayers Are Back!

Created by Robert Krisch

A new comic starring monster-slaying, foul-mouthed, bumbling adventurers The Turner Family! Think The Simpsons meets Hellboy.

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Fantastic First Week of TFT3! Launching Nightmare Theater Appreciation Week!
10 months ago – Tue, May 17, 2022 at 06:51:31 PM

Hey There-

Our TFT Kickstarter Week One is in the books and damn, it was intense!  

We started the week with our most backed day one ever. We made Kicktraq's HotList on multiple occasions. I went on a couple of Pods - JD Oliva's Parallel Worlds, and Kevin Joseph / Will Allred's Explain Yourself, to promote the book. Oh, and we hit our minimum funding target in only 72 hours! Incredible.

Thank you so much for the support and enthusiasm you've shown the book.  TFT Issue #3 is bonkers. My favorite issue of the series so far. You're gonna love it.

I think the most fun of launching a Kickstarter is reconnecting with fans and former backers, but also supporting fellow creators and friends with their current projects and Live Kickstarters. A few of these talented artists and writers I met during our collaboration on the Horror Anthology - Nightmare Theater 2. Not so subtle segue into...

 It's Nightmare Theater Appreciation Week here at TFT! 

Nightmare Theater 2 - Emanuele Taglietti's cover

NIGHTMARE THEATER is a Horror anthology collecting stories by some of the best in indie comics.  Tales inspired by horror cinema--from Poe to Alien, ghosts and ghouls, slasher films, tales of terror, B-Movie scream fests, monster movies, Stephen King creepiness, stylized Kubrick hauntings, Romero zombies, demon possession, occult, and otherwise.

This week we're highlighting some of the projects currently running by a few contributors, while also promoting our own TFT Team members who've contributed as well. 

And not to bury the lead - Every backer to this TFT campaign will get a Nightmare Theater sampler pdf to add to your collection of bonus books!

The Creators and Contributors.

Nightmare Theater is published by Bloodline Comics, helmed by David Schrader (Cannibals on Mars) and Clay Adams (Deadskins, PBOW). David Schrader is a writer/filmmaker and sometimes reluctant actor with a background in stand-up, sketch, improv, and alternative comedy. Schrader’s first comic book work, Baby Badass, published in 2018, quickly became a cult hit, and currently Dave is Live with Cannibals on Mars - A Sci-Fi Horror One Shot Comic.  They've reached their 150 Milestone bonus, so every backer gets an extra pinup by Don Nguyen (another NT alum). I'm a huge fan of both Dave and Don's work. Make sure to hit their campaign and show them some love. 

Clay Adams is back on Kickstarter with PBOW: World War Bitch 1-3 Grindhouse Action 4 Mature Readers. PBOW? hmm... wondering what that stands for? Pregnant Bitches of War!  And as Bryan K. Vaughan so wisely said, it is a "comic as audacious as its title." This comic is my number one guilty pleasure on Kickstarter. Make sure to back this baby.  (you'll be hearing more from me on Clay real soon, as his twisted sense of humor has proven to be a big inspiration to my work.)

And here's something for the kiddos...

I love it when James Powell comes out with a new House of Fear collection. This is Goosebumps meets Tales from the Crypt, and I'm all over it.  This time around we have House of Fear: Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow and Other Scary Stories. A 176 page Volume 2 of the series. But, not gonna lie, I picked up Volume 1 as well. So for around 60 bucks I nabbed 300+ pages of kid friendly horror. Sweet. I'm gonna love it, but more importantly my son's gonna love it too. Go pick up your copy here. (gonna take a deeper dive on James' work later this week, keep an eye out for that.)

Nightmare Theater and the TFT Team!

Nicole is a writer and editor whose credits include work with Tapas Media, Screen Rant, CBR, Comic Frontline and Action Lab Entertainment where she helped adapt Miraculous Ladybug.  Also her comic Road Trip to Hell is rad.

Nicole has rocked the edits on TFT since coming on board with Issue #2.  And including our Nightmare Theater 2 short, she has worked with me on four of my five comics. I consider myself incredibly lucky I met Nicole. She's so damn smart and creative... and just a lovely, sweet person. Which is why I was a little shocked when I read her short story "The Kill Boat" in Nightmare Theater 1.  Man, that's some messed up shit right there. Nicole continues to kill it, editing a ton comics out there both independent and main stream.  She's good people.

Last year when I read Nightmare Theater 1, I read a little story called 'Ahead of Joaquin' and I remember thinking "damn, I love this art. I gotta work with this guy." Later that week my Kickstarter rewards arrived for the book Mandrill PI, a comic I just adore, written by my buddy Christopher Brimmage. When I read that book I remember thinking "damn, I love this art. I gotta work with this guy." It was not until about a week later that I realized they were both drawn by the same dude - Carlos Trigo.

Carlos just finished a mini series for Scout, and is working on a web series for Webtoons. Things are a little hush hush on those, but big announcements soon for this amazing artist.

For his Variant I wanted to do a mashup of two of my favorite Movie posters - The classic Star Wars poster with a brooding Darth Vader in the background; as well as National Lampoon's Vacation. But instead of  Chevy Chase holding his tennis racket high to the sky, our Laura Turner has her scimitar raised with a cowering Bob Turner clutching her leg.

While reading Nightmare Theater 1 it was hard to miss Kyle Roberts work, as his stunning art graced the cover of the trade. When Clay Adam's dropped The Blazing Blade of Frankenstein (now available on IndieGOGO) there was a certain pinup that caught my eye - The Empress.  My imagination kinda ran wild with this idea for an Art Nouveau Variant Cover for TFT.  Kyle took that idea and elevated it to an insane level and colorist Wes Hartman just crushed it.  You can find Kyle on Instagram at @kyleroberts_art

Thanks to the fine folks at Bloodline Comics, we have a few copies of the Nightmare Theater 2 trade paperback available as both 'Add-Ons' (You can go into your Reward selection and adjust your order to add the paperback). We also have a new tier with NT2 and 3 issues of TFT - the entire TFT story in print! Here is that Reward Tier. You can upgrade your order if you'd like.

Thanks for indulging me on this longer than usual Update. We'll keep these mostly brief, but it's fun every now and then to take a deeper dive and share some amazing work.

Thx so much.


Funded. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!
10 months ago – Sat, May 14, 2022 at 06:57:13 AM

Hey there-

Here's a small bit of news:

We got funded!!!

How about them apples. Wow. Just floored.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting Turner Family Terrors and our entire TFT Team. We can't do any of this creative stuff without the enthusiasm and love from our backers and the Kickstarter community. So Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Oh, and you're getting some more free shit!

I unlocked a super secret surprise 10 spot of digital indie comics as our Friday the 13th Milestone bonus. And all our previous backers and new supporters will cash in on the goods (expires next Friday). You'll receive all those amazing books in one tidy little folder at the end of the campaign. Here's the little graphic I added to the page earlier today:

I'm off to the ball field now to coach my son's little league playoff game, but after that,  I'm chatting with Kevin Joseph and Will Allred on their show Explain Yourself, at 8pm PST.

Here's the link:

See you there!

Much Love.


Sacrimony by Matta Sorcier (Backer Only Access)
11 months ago – Thu, May 12, 2022 at 07:22:11 AM

This post is for backers only. Please visit and log in to read.

36 hours in. 79% Funded! And a free comic from Matta Sorcier!
11 months ago – Thu, May 12, 2022 at 06:08:29 AM

Hey there-

I just got back from my son's baseball game. They won in the last inning on a super sneaky slide home by one of our craftiest little players. Guess who's job it was to teach the boys sliding this year? Assistant Coach Rob. That's me. So I am one happy camper - about the game and about this here Kickstarter! We're currently sitting at 54+ backers and 79% funded after 36 hours. 

Hey, let's fund this thing tomorrow. Why the hell not!

One of the fun things about running a Kickstarter is I get to pimp the amazing work of my fellow creators. Artists that I'm a fan of and love championing their work. Every now and then the stars align and my friends just happen to be launching Kickstarters... the same month... the same day, as myself.  Let me introduce you to Matta Sorcier. 

Matta is a super talented self taught artist based out of New York (my old stomping ground) and her comic is titled Sacrimony.  Live on Kickstarter! And she's generously shared a copy of Issue #1 with my backers. Sweet. (Check out our super secret follow up update -Backers Only- to snag your exclusive copy.)

Here's some info from here Page:

Sacrimony: A Tale of Love, Life and Death - In No Particular Order #4  is a 31 page standard sized full color comic and contains beautiful art, a diverse cast of fully fleshed-out characters and a colorful, unique fantasy world.

Sacrimony isn't your typical fantasy story set in Ye Olde Medieval Europe with wizards, elves, dwarves and orcs waging epic wars or reluctantly banding together to go on a quest to do a thing. It's not a story of action, adventure or saving the world, but a story of how characters end up coping and surviving against whatever life throws at them.

It's the kind of story you read because you get invested in the characters and not because you want to see a 'bad guy' get defeated.

Kind of like Saga, but not in space, and the parents hate each other.

I've put many years into building a fantasy world that feels fresh and original. Sacrimony features unusual races with their own customs and interesting locations boasting their own distinct style of architecture and extensive history. So if you're looking for a story with lots of lore to dive into such as Game of Thrones or the Avatar series, Sacrimony is definitely up your alley.


And act now as her cute as hell free sticker is going fast as an Early Bird.

I'll post the follow up Kickstarter Update (Backers Only Access) where you can read Issue #1.  Then go back the rest of  Sacrimony, exclusively on Kickstarter!

Good night all. I'm feeling tomorrow will be a good day.


Best Day One Ever. And Your Surprise Bonus is Here... Courtesy of David Schrader
11 months ago – Wed, May 11, 2022 at 11:58:11 PM

Hey there-

It's official - Best day one ever! We smashed our day one backer total, we're sitting at 62% funded, and we made Kicktraq's Hotlist. Sweet. Thank you so much for not being tardy to the party and coming out on Day one. I told you I had a super sweet surprise bonus for all you early arrivers. And here it is - Baby BadAss Vol.1 by David Schrader, creator of Cannibals on Mars, currently Live on Kickstarter. Check your inbox for a private message from me with the link.

A few years back I met Dave at a Free Comic Book Day event. I snagged issue #1 of Baby Badass and told him I was psyched, my five year old son was going to love it! He shook his head and said, "Oh no man, not for kids."

Flash forward five years and one pandemic. Dave just read the first 3 issues of my inappropriate, over the top comic Turner Family Terrors and, what do you know, he actually liked it. Here's a little quote he offered up:

"Delightfully demented. Smart, silly, and subversive satire, Turner Family Terrors is a profane joyride filled with monsters, aliens, over the top action, and all manner of family mayhem. A witty and wild romp, TFT delivers the comic goods."

Thanks so much, Dave, for the love!

Quite frankly when I asked him for an issue of Baby Badass for my fans I thought I was getting a 22 page floppy, but instead he sent the entire 106 page Volume One. Hellz yeah!  I hope you enjoy this (For Mature Audience) grindhouse bloody little treat.

David's latest project looks just as awesome! Cannibals on Mars.   LIVE ON KICKSTARTER!

Now on Kickstarter!

From his Kickstarter Page:

CANNIBALS ON MARS is a 48 page, perfect-bound, one-shot that delivers blood-soaked space horror that comic fans can really sink their teeth into.

Ever since the ancients fixed their gaze skyward, human beings have marveled at the planets stretched before them. Heretics, heroes, science, and sacrifice all advanced our understanding of the stars, until finally, in 2027, earthlings established the first functioning colony on another planet.

The RH7 Colonies on Mars: a terraforming series of interconnected outposts inhabited by a bold set of international astronauts, scientists, engineers, and psychologists. Their mission was twofold: to develop a sustainable environment for eventual, large-scale migration and to prove that human beings--despite their differences, could work together to create a fledgling new society built on trust, camaraderie, and the common good.

Then all communication from earth was cut off.

The colonists continued their mission.

They thrived. They survived.

They lived, loved, and lost.

Five years passed.

And now here we are…



Dave's currently sitting at 199 backers... help him cross that coveted 200 threshold!

On to day two!