Turner Family Terrors 1-3: The Suburban Slayers Are Back!

Created by Robert Krisch

A new comic starring monster-slaying, foul-mouthed, bumbling adventurers The Turner Family! Think The Simpsons meets Hellboy.

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Only 3% of pledges still to be processed. Plus three projects for you to check out.
almost 2 years ago – Thu, Jun 16, 2022 at 08:19:37 AM

Hey There-

The dust has settled from our TFT3 Campaign. Here are the numbers. 239% funded. 203 backers. Making this our most funded, most backed, most successful Kickstarter ever. Floored. Thanks again for an amazing month.

A Bit of Housekeeping

When the campaign ended we had 10 pledges that were stalled - backers needed to update an expired credit card. 5 pledges have been updated - Thank you! But 5 pledges remain unprocessed. Let's make sure to update those credit cards today. 

If you got a message from Kickstarter asking you to update your payment information, please do it fast! You only have a couple more days to correct it, and we'd love to send you your exclusive rewards. Thx!


Looking for more Kickstarter projects? I've got a few I wanted to tell you about.

First up we head back to Wonderland with Curiouser by my friend Brant Fowler. Brant's Publishing Company, Last Ember Press, has produced a bunch of cool books lately and I've backed a ton. I always enjoy highlighting his work. Plus he's another San Antonio guy, and I love checking in with all the creative projects from my hometown. Here's some info from his page:

Curiouser: We're All Mad Here #1 - Back to Wonderland Comic

Alice's son, Alec is pulled into Wonderland in the midst of a brewing civil war, but who is the mastermind behind this new regime?

We invite you to our newest adventure!  Curiouser is our take on Alice in Wonderland! Join us for some magic, mystery, and maybe help us celebrate an unbirthday or two?

Our unique take on Wonderland has some fun reversals from the original.  Our main character is Alec, Alice's son, and some of the characters who you are used to seeing as men are now women.  It opens up some really fun storylines that we can't wait to share with you.

"The obvious fan of Curiouser is someone that has a love for the stories of Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carrol.  This series is firmly set in that world, but we've thrown in a few new fun elements that we hope you will enjoy.

We believe fans of fantasy or fairy tale series, in general, will also love this book.  If you like Shadow and Bone, Once Upon a Time, and perhaps even Harry Potter you should check this one out."

Head back to Wonderland with Curiouser by Brant Fowler and Last Ember Press.... and Go Spurs Go!


Next up is Superheresies by Joseph Duis and Heresy Studios Inc. I've known Joseph for a couple of years now, having been a fan of his Crusade of Dracula series, and I'm stoked about his new book.

Superheresies Showcase: Time Travel, Cults, and Bass Reeves

Public domain comic book heroes from the 1930s-40s and Bass Reeves in four stories about family. Cover by BATMAN artist Mike DeCarlo!

Here's some info from his page:

I had been wanting to go more in-depth into the characters in our previously established SUPERHERESIES universe - the world full of public domain heroes from the Golden Age who grew older and built families of both the biological and non-biological type rather than fade into obscurity as they did in our world. In our first book in this world, SUPERHERESIES, we had a solo story exploring the background of Miss Espionage, the Nazi spy turned foe of fascism, in which we were able to get deep into her character.  I wanted to do the same with other characters in this world - two of which were in the first SUPERHERESIES - super-fast Dash Dartwell and The Scarab, the reincarnation of an ancient Egyptian priest - and with two who weren't - comics' first cross-dressing detective hero, Madame Fatale, and Red Reeves, the genie-commanding boy magician reimagined as a girl, this time with the genie being none other than historical figure Deputy US Marshal Bass Reeves.

Combining these two ideas with the format of the Golden Age reprint comics of the 1960s and 1970s led to SUPERHERESIES SHOWCASE, our newest standalone book in the world.

SUPERHERESIES SHOWCASE is a 40-page (39 story pages) flat-colored comic book of modern dimensions featuring four self-contained solo stories of public domain heroes from the Golden Age of comics. While you can see other adventures of some of these characters in SUPERHERESIES, neither book is necessary to understand the other.  There are five covers.  Cover A is by veteran DC, Archie, Marvel, Bongo, and Valiant artist Mike DeCarlo and is colored by interior colorist Gerome Suyman Repaja, while the other four covers each feature the cover of the original public domain comic overlaid by David Jaxon art of each character!  There is also a giant-sized edition that includes the story pages, the original script, and commentary pages; its cover is a combination of the variant covers.

I love me some comic book nostalgia and this book looks cool as hell. Make sure to check out Superheresies by Joseph Duis and Heresy Studios Inc. 


And last but not least is Tom Rapka with Death Dwells #2. 

Death Dwells #2

Eric returns in this 2nd issue of Death Dwells as he tries to stay alive on a horrifying search to find his family and learn the truth...

I discovered Tom's work on the last day of our Kickstarter and immediately backed this one. 

I really got into some of the Cover Variations and their play on color. Cool stuff.

Make sure to visit Death Dwells #2 by the talented Mr. Rapka. 


Have a great rest of your week and if you still need to update your credit card on file, please do it today.

thx so much!

rob and the tft team

Wow. What an exciting Final Day. You funded this thing!
almost 2 years ago – Fri, Jun 10, 2022 at 10:00:37 PM

Hey There-

What an impressive final day! 26 backers joined the party to push us past that 200 backer milestone. Amazing.  I had been eyeing that mark for a while, hoping we could get there.  And today you were relentless in your support, pushing us to 203 backers with over 7K in funding. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

 Mystery Bonus Book Revealed.

By hitting that mark we also unlocked our final bonus mystery book.  So what is my favorite comic of all-time, that every backer will now receive? Drum roll please... Deadskins #1 by Clay Adams and Fried Comics. Deadskins is the perfect blend of gorgeous art and unapologetic humor. You'll laugh your ass off, I promise.  (Just don't tell Clay it's my favorite book, it might go to his head.) You'll receive Deadskins #1 with your Indie Bundle Goodie Bag when we deliver our digital rewards soon. And if you love Deadskins #1 as much as I do, head over to Fried Comics and pick up the entire Volume.

So What's Next?

Kickstarter has already charged the credit card you have on file.

If you got a message from Kickstarter asking you to update your payment information, please do it fast! You only have one week to correct it, and we'd love to send you your rewards.

We'll be reaching out to Cameo Illustration Backers soon to get you drawn in the book.  That's always a blast. After that, the files get sent to the printer.

Thanks again for your continued support, enthusiasm and luv. Have a great weekend!

Rob and the TFT team

175 backers strong. $26 away from Stretch Goal #5.
almost 2 years ago – Thu, Jun 09, 2022 at 04:49:43 PM

Thank you so much!

It's the final 24 hours of our campaign and what a month we've had. 

We're currently sitting at 175 backers strong and 215% funded. Amazing. But we still have a few goals in our sight. We are $26 away from unlocking our final Stretch Goal - 4 more pages of our Issue 4 sneak peek. We're also $152 away from our all time funding record making this our most successful Kickstarter to date. Let's go get'em. Thanks for spreading the word about our campaign. It's helping a lot. Go give us one more shout out on the socials if you can. Here's the link:

One More Surprise?

I've got one last trick up my sleeve. If we do hit 200 backers for the campaign I'll reveal my favorite comic of all-time AND give all my backers a complimentary digital copy of it. I'm really hoping we hit this 200 milestone. I'm itching to share this book. It's hilarious and a big influence on my work.

The TFT Team

Before we wrap up this month on Kickstarter I wanted to highlight a few more members of the Team. We previously mentioned some of our Nightmare Theater Alums, now I want to focus on the OGs - Ske, Chris and JP.

Aleksandar Bozic Ske is a comic book artist and children's book illustrator based out of Novi Sad, Serbia.  He has drawn for such books as Slave, XYZ, Ötzi, Mega Chomp, Go to The Museum, Sex and Violence Anthology, and Life Under Construction.  Check out Ske's amazing work on The Adventures of Cordelia Swift available now on Comixology. While reading that book I realized Ske was the right artist to draw Turner Family Terrors.   You can see more of Ske's work at

Christopher Angel is a writer, director, and editor based in Los Angeles, CA.  He has written and directed in the horror genre including the feature films Wishmaster 3 and 4.  Chris is a master storyteller and I'm very lucky to have him help steer the TFT ship. You can check out his take on museum intrigue in his novel Mona Lisa Speaks available on Amazon.  TW: @filmangel

Jim is a storyboard artist based in LA. If it's sci-fi, robots, or motorcycles, he wants to animate it, or at least draw it as a comic. His style often incorporates a BLAST of fuzzy neon freak colors washing over manga inspired line-work and halftones.  Check out Jim at  IG: @jpharringtonjr

 And Finally here are few Campaigns I'm supporting: 

Although our Campaign is winding down, Kickstarter continues to offer up cool project after cool project and one of them is Scott Harris'  The Crimebusters #4.

The Crimebusters #1-4: Supernatural Mystery Adventure!

When Krampus possesses a classmate, The Crimebusters must face their worst fears to save Christmas!

Here's some info from the page:

"The Crimebusters is a supernatural mystery adventure series featuring a team of student sleuths who investigate the unknown! And they're back for a smash fourth issue — now in FULL COLOR!

In The Crimebusters #4, the big Christmas Dance of 1956 has finally arrived! But when a student is possessed by the spirit of Krampus, The Crimebusters have to face their deepest fears in order to help Santa save Christmas! See all the astonishing action in "Krampus on Campus!""

I love me some Krampus so make sure to back The Crimebusters #1-4: Supernatural Mystery Adventure!


Joe D McFee is back with his long running Amazonia, and it's always a fun read.

Amazonia Issues #1 - #7

A slice of life crime/superhero drama where a woman who was accused of murder as a teen seeking reconciliation from her hometown.

Here's some info from the page:

Amazonia: The Continuing Adventures of E is about Elisa Masters who was forced to be a part of a government training program for those with superpowers after killing people in self-defense at her prom. She returns to her hometown of Angel Falls hoping that she can change the way people feel about her. Upon her return, she finds out from her parents that the town was not the same since Tyler Charles placed his corporate headquarters in the time. People seems to be completely influenced by him including the police. As Elisa adjust to being back home, she uncovers a mystery surrounding Tyler Charles and others in the town.

Issue #7 of the series furthers the plot of Tyler Charles where he intends to enforce his stranglehold on the city of Angel Falls. However, he may not be the only threat Elisa has to worry about since she was assigned to protect Tyler at all costs.  New threats appears to challenge Tyler's grip on Angel Falls.

Make sure to back Amazonia here:

Amazonia Issues #1 - #7


James Mascia from Dren Productions is back with an all new project. If you know anything about Dren, they deliver quality books. I've backed several and I'm supporting this one as well.

The Unwanted #1

Sci-fi tale of abducted teens brought to a secluded, tropical island with no explanation, no supplies and no way off.

Here's some info from the page:

A group of teens are abducted and brought to a secluded, tropical island with no explanation, no supplies and no way off. Left to their own devices and forced to find a way to survive, they soon discover they aren’t alone – and their fellow inhabitants are hostile!

Things become more complicated when boxes begin to appear on the beach near their camp with weapons and supplies of unknown origin inside.

Part Lord of the Flies, part Hunger Games, this is a story of survival where you can’t trust anyone.

Make sure to support James and The Unwanted!

thx again for the support and talk soon - one day left!

Rob and the TFT Team

150 Backers Strong! Can we hit 200? Plus, who wants to be drawn into the book?
almost 2 years ago – Tue, Jun 07, 2022 at 03:59:04 PM

Hey There.

150 Backers Strong!

We officially crossed the 150 backer mark, making this the most backed TFT campaign ever. Woohoo! But we're not done yet. Where do you think we can take this thing? 175? 200? I'm thinking that 200 mark looks awfully tempting so let's shoot for that! But I'm gonna need a little help to reach it. Please share our campaign with all your buddies on social media and I think we might just cross the 200 mark. If anything, that will be the nail-biting dramatic conclusion to this TFT 3 Kickstarter - Will we hit 200? Spoiler Alert - We will!

Hey, who wants to be drawn into the comic?

So far over the span of three issues of Turner Family Terrors, we've illustrated 23 fans into the comic. Thats right, 23 - wow.  Our fans have popped up as barbarians, zombies, waitresses, drunks, college coeds, you name it. My neighbor's dog made a cameo (RIP Rachel). I threw my sister in the book without telling her. And one lucky backer even dropped an F-bomb. It doesn't get any better than that.

During this TFT3 campaign we've booked 3 more cameos to conjure up. If you are interested in gracing the pages of TFT, you can upgrade your pledge by selecting 'manage your pledge'. Or you can add this special reward as an Add-On. That process is a little confusing so you can always contact me and I'll walk you thought it, or I'll create your own specific tier. We'll figure it out and come up with something cool!

 TFT + Savage Sasquanaut = Awesome!

And here's a reminder of a cool cross over event I'm running with The Savage Sasquanaut Kickstarter.

Backers of both Kickstarters will receive a bonus 5x7 mini-print of the stunning Variant cover illustrated by Kyle Roberts and Colored by Wes Hartman! writer/creator/colorist of the Savage Sasquanaut!  (Physical print for physical backers. Digital backers will receive Hi-def Wallpaper) Go back Wes's campaign and snag this little beauty.

 Here are some other Kickstarters I'm backing right now. 

My buddy Farhan Qureshi is back on Kickstarter with Battle Panda 1: Big Trouble in Panda City. I met Farhan last year when he launched the latest issue of Digitopia. His book is rad, so I contacted him and asked if I could hook my backers up with a bonus copy (cause I'm looking out for you guys), and he so graciously agreed.  So every backer will get a digital copy of Digitopia #1 to add to their collection of bonus books - Sweet.  His latest book is Battle Panda and I immediately backed it and you should too.

Here's some info from his page:

From the team that brought you Digitopia - now comes Battle Panda!

A 28 page uplifting under-dog road trip that is full of adventure, self enlightenment and fun!

The Story

Kai, a misfit teenage panda, dreams of becoming a warrior.

 And here's some exciting news hot off the presses - Battle Panda was funded just an hour ago, so this comic is definitely happening! Let's thank Farhan for the bonus book, show him some love and head over to Battle Panda and back his latest charming-as-hell passion project.


My second recommendation is a hilarious book called - Complete Collectors Vol 1 Funny Comic About Comics And Wives by Eddie deAngelini. I met Eddie recently and it turns out he owns a comic shop (Hi De Ho Comics) down the road from my house. Small world. When I discovered Eddie's book it immediately resonated with me as we both poke fun at our home life and throw our personal misadventures into comic book form.  Here's some info from his page: 

Do you love comic books?

Do you trip over long boxes all over the house?

Do you have a significant other who has to live with your hobby?

Collectors is the long running comic strip (10 YEARS!!!) that pokes fun at geek culture and the franchises that we all love, like Marvel and DC comics and films, Star Wars, Walking Dead and more! It's not just about being a comic book nerd, but also about the significant others who have to live with us!

 "Collectors is loosely based on my own life, my comic book collecting and my wife Kristen's ever-tested patience with my love for my hobby," says Eddie. "Since starting the strip, so many other comic book fans have told me how much they relate to the humor and our relationship."

Make sure to check out Complete Collectors Vol 1 Funny Comic About Comics And Wives and if you're ever in Santa Monica make sure to hit Hi De Ho Comics.


talk soon!

rob and the tft team

Become Executive Producer of our Comic! Happy Friday & Happy Hill.
almost 2 years ago – Sat, Jun 04, 2022 at 03:42:37 PM


Happy Friday! I for one am exhausted from another rollercoaster week with the Kickstarter, but also feeling pretty damn good. We are currently sitting at 149 backers. The exact same number we ended up with during last year's Issue #2 Kickstarter... and we have 6 1/2 days to run up the numbers. Brilliant. Let's do it.

Behind the Scenes.

We just wrapped our 2nd Behind-The-Scenes video on the making of TFT. This time around I dissect the script writing process.  So what have I learned these past few years writing comic book scripts? Be as detailed as possible, have a conversation with your artist, but ultimately let go and let them do their thing. Check it out if you have a sec, or 3 minutes and 42 seconds to be precise.  

Special Thanks to our TFT Issue #2 Executive Producers - Will, Mike, Herb, Adam, Mike, Anthony, Sian, Judy, Edwin, and Kelly, who helped fund our comic and are credited as Executive Producers in our video as well. And special thx to Zoo22 (Zack Stoller) for the hot jams. That guy is going places in 2022.

You can become Executive Producer for TFT Issue #3

We have a few Executive Producer spots left for our current TFT #3 Kickstarter, so if you are interested you can go to our Kickstarter home page and click 'Manage your pledge', and upgrade to our Executive Producer Tier.  You'll receive Executive Producer Credit on page one of our comic. You'll also get Executive Producer credit in the video short, along with IMDB credit, and a whole host of other goodies. (If you have any issues upgrading just give me a shout.)

We are already planning our next documentary short. We'll take a deep dive with comic book cover art. I'm looking forward to interviewing Cover Artist Easton Hawk and highlighting what is a very collaborative, and also just plain fun, artistic endeavor.

Have a wonderful weekend, y'all.

rob and the tft team.

...and here's another project I'm excited about.

Happy Hill is back! Sweet.

I'm a big fan of Comixtribe, one of the top indie publishers in the game.  They're back with one of my favorites - Happy Hill. I was a backer and fan going back to Issue 1. Issue #4 just dropped and I'm all over this one.

Here's some info from the page:

Happy Hill is a supernatural vacation thriller and horror action dramedy comic book series about the deadly consequences of the pursuit of happiness, written by Bram Stoker-Award Nominated writer Rich Douek (Sea of Sorrows, Road of Bones, Wailing Blade) and co-written & drawn by artist Joe Mulvey (Scam, Wailing Blade).

Wyatt Willows and Thea Rippley are the only survivors of the infamous “Roanoke Orphanage” disappearance that claimed twelve children in a single night.

While Thea has done her best to put it behind her, Wyatt is convinced that local urban legend, The Wudsman, was responsible and he's been obsessed with proving it.

 The art pops off the page and the story's creepy as hell. 

And the reviews are in.

Make sure you check out Happy Hill before it's gone. This Kickstarter is a quick 10 day sprint, so head over now.