Turner Family Terrors 1-3: The Suburban Slayers Are Back!

Created by Robert Krisch

A new comic starring monster-slaying, foul-mouthed, bumbling adventurers The Turner Family! Think The Simpsons meets Hellboy.

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Stretch Goal 2 Within Reach. Little League Season Over. Tart is back!
10 months ago – Thu, May 26, 2022 at 11:32:01 AM

Hey There.

We just crossed the halfway mark of our campaign -  we're sitting at 157% funded, we're closing in on the most backers ever to a TFT Kickstarter, and our Stretch Goal #2 is only $200 away.  We're feeling good here at the TFT headquarters.

Life just became a whole hell of a lot easier for me as my son's Little League Season ended. It was a wonderful season, full of developmental progress and life lessons learned. But damn that last week was intense. We advanced to the Semifinals in dramatic fashion, during practice my son was hit in the eyebrow with a ball and received 2 stitches (he's okay now), we lost our penultimate game by one run, and by some strange turn of events, I was thrust into the Head Coaching position on the final game of the season. I mean I love a good bit of drama, but c'mon. Unfortunately (or fortunately) we lost our game and did not advance in the playoffs, but there were no tears. I think everyone was just about done with baseball and ready for a little relaxation.

I know I am - a nice relaxing final 2 weeks of this ROLLERCOASTER OF A KICKSTARTER!

Tart is back!

Two weeks ago I met Kevin Joseph, writer/creator of the hit Scout Comic Tart. I was a guest on his Podcast 'Explain Yourself' If you'd like to hear the pod click here. I hop on around the 26 minute mark. It was great to meet Kevin and talk comics with a bunch of talented creators. Kevin even hooked me up with a few back issues of Tart.  I kinda feel like this whole TFT3 Kickstarter campaign has been a success because I scored these back issues and am now caught up with his series. I'm a big fan. You should check it out. Kevin just launched another issue of Tart on Kickstarter and the early birds last 23 more hours. Head on over.  

Here's some info from the page:

Tart: Submerged Hardcover Collection

Collecting the Submerged arc of Tart in an elegant hardcover fit for your home library.

Time traveling demon hunters in the world's most haunted waterway. What could possibly go wrong?

During World War II there was a naval battle between US and Japanese forces in an area called Truk Lagoon (sometimes spelled Chuuk Lagoon). The battle was intense and many sailors and pilots from both sides lost their lives over the course of those few days.

The sea is littered with the remnants of that battle. And if you believe the stories,  something else. Supernatural occurrences that cannot be explained.

Kevin's got some catch up tiers he's offering and a beautiful Hardcover that I just picked up with the Early Birds. They last less than a day so grab those discounts and dive into Tart: Submerged.

rob and tft team

156% Funded. Stretch Goal 2 within reach. Raised on Elf Quest.
10 months ago – Wed, May 25, 2022 at 01:04:06 PM

Hey There.

The TFT Kickstarter is humming along. We're currently sitting at 156% funded. We blasted past our first $4500 stretch goal - supersizing the comic. Up next at $5000 every backer gets a bonus mini-print from our signature Pinup collection. I love revisiting all the stunning Pinup artwork we've commissioned in the series. We're a little over $200 away. Keep spreading the word on the Socials and let's go snag that Stretch Goal.

Got any Elf Quest fans out there?

When I was a kid, it was a steady stream of cable television, little league baseball and comics.  And for a long time my number one go to was Elf Quest - the Marvel run in the mid 80's. I like to think that I was enthralled by the rich storytelling and amazing art by Richard and Wendy Pini. But to be honest it probably had more to do with the half-naked warrior elven princesses.

I still have those Elf Quest comics in my collection, and lately I've been reminded of those innocent times and memorable books by a couple of projects that keep popping up on Kickstarter that I am a huge fan of - Charlie Stickney's White Ash, and Andrew Clemson's Damsell from D.I.S.T.R.E.S.S.  Andrew's book is currently live on Kickstarter and I wanted to give it some love.

Some info from their page:

"Damsel from D.I.S.T.R.E.S.S Issues 1-5!

The Volume 1 finale of the SMASH HIT Elves & Espionage series! D&D meets the man from UNCLE!

Damsel from D.I.S.T.R.E.S.S. is an elves & espionage comic book series written by Andrew Clemson, with art by Mauricio Mora and lettering/Editing by Hassan Otsmane Elhaou.

This campaign is for the final 2 issues (4&5) of Volume 1, wrapping up our first arc and opening up our story to further adventures."

 Damsel issue 1 introduced us to Bec - Abandoned as a child by her adventurer father, and having fought her way up through the ranks of the kingdom's premier espionage agency she has become their top operative. When a Dwarven princess is kidnapped, Bec leaps into action to overcome the ghosts of her family’s past and save the day!"

I just love this cover for issue #5. In fact all the covers for the entire series are gorgeous.

I'm a big fan of this series. It's one of the best out there. Andrew just blew past another Stretch Goal unlocking more preview pages for Issue 4, so head on over and check out this amazing book.

Kickstarter Link Here.


Crashed the Jam-a-palooza!, plus I discovered my new favorite creator - Newton Lilavois.
10 months ago – Sun, May 22, 2022 at 06:27:36 PM

Hey There-

Happy weekend!

The TFT 3 Kickstarter is rolling along entering its 3rd week. We're currently sitting at 146% funded, outpacing our last campaign by about a week. Just terrific.

I recently got an opportunity to chat with one of my buds and favorite creators Clay Adams (Currently live on Kickstarter with Pregnant Bitches Of War). Clay hosted a round table Comic Creators Jam-A-Palooza with an all Allstar lineup of talent. I chime in around the 1:27 mark. Check it out here:

Newton Lilavois

I caught up with some old friends and met some new ones. The one thing I love about Kickstarter is I'm constantly being introduced to new books and amazing creators. On the show I met Newton Lilavois and he talked about his book Kisha: Demon Eater Vol.1  . It looks incredible. I immediately backed the book and you should too.

Newton's got a greyscale horror book with flashes of color that immediately resonated with me and reminded me of what I'm trying to do with TFT - live in a classic black and white horror world (influenced by Mel Brook's Young Frankenstein), but also play with color when the opportunity presents itself -  with amazing cover art, stunning color pinups or the occasional Technicolor dream sequence.

When I saw Newton's book it looked very familiar.  I thought I recognized it from a story in the Nightmare Theater 1 Anthology, and lo and behold I was right. Newton's Crescent City Monsters graced the pages of Nightmare Theater and it was cool to chat with this fellow NT alum. A Turner Family Terrors short was featured in NT2, and the 160+ page Anthology is now available as an add-on or a new reward tier in this TFT3 campaign.

Here's more about Newtons's Book from his KS page:

"Ancient African demon king, Kishi, has hundreds of demon sons, but one day he fathers his first and only daughter- Kisha. Kishi distains his daughter. But Demon Kisha seeks the approval of her father, so she starts devouring her demon brothers to gain his attention and love. Angered by her actions, Kishi imprisons Demon Kisha to prevent her from consuming his sons.

Centuries later, sixteen-year-old Louisiana native Kisha Malveaux accidentally releases Demon Kisha from her prison and becomes possessed. Things get worse when she becomes the target of a demon hunter. In desperation, Kisha is sent to an estranged aunt in Kansas who has the power to exorcise Demon Kisha. But when Kisha gets to Kansas, she discovers her aunt's town carries dangerous secrets. Kisha needs Demon Kisha to survive."

The story had me hooked, the art had me sold. Plus Newton's a cool dude. Go pick up his book Kisha: Demon Eater Vol.1 and support this talented creator.

Kickstarter Link here.

Enjoy your Sunday!


Special Comics Livestream Tonight. And another bonus book courtesy of House of Fear's James Powell!
10 months ago – Fri, May 20, 2022 at 08:55:34 PM

Hey There-

I'm talking with other comic writers and live-streaming it tonight (Thursday, May 19th) at 9pm Eastern/6pm Pacific. We'll be discussing our various books currently on Kickstarter.

Definitely check this one out! Some of my favorites creators are  chiming in tonight.

Click here to join us (or watch the replay).

I'll be chatting with writers David Schrader (Cannibals on Mars), Clay Adams (PBOW), ,Moana McAdams (Color with Nakoa and Nohea), Newton Lilavois (KISHA: Demon Eater), and Jame Powell (House of Fear)

Speaking of James Powell...

I've got another sinful treat you can sink your TEETH into. 

It's a bonus book from James Powell's Family-friendly Horror Series House of Fear, currently Live on Kickstarter. This one's titled, yes, Teeth!, and it's creepy and fun and headed your way now. Thank James for so generously contributing it to our campaign. Check our next Backer only Update for exclusive access. Go read the book then head over to his Kickstarter.  I picked up both Volumes, plus the bonus floppy (300+ pages) for around $60. Insane value. I'm going to love it but, more importantly, my son is going to love it as well.

It's easy to see the common influences between both House of Fear and Turner Family Terrors. James and I both have deep appreciation for the classic horror anthologies of the 50's and 60's - Creepy, Eerie and Tales from the Crypt.  Each House of Fear one shot has a ghoulish Crypt Keeper inspired MC introducing the tale. And Turner Family Terrors takes a nod from the lush black and white illustrations of the masters like Kirby and Ditko. 

I will admit I have a unique Kickstarter experience when I back House of Fear. I get my comic in the mail wrapped in its bag and board. I'm pretty good about taking care of my comics, read them, then throw them back in their bag for safekeeping. But with House of Fear I kinda have to let go and be zen about my comics condition, because I hand the book over to my son and all bets are off. I usually get it back with a ding here or there. And anything I hand my younger daughter, well, I can expect a tear or two with the pages.  I kinda cringe a bit, but then I'm reminded of how my love comics started and what it's really about - not the condition of a book, but rather the stories and places that book takes you. My love of comics started when I was a kid reading a floppy, crumbling it up in my back pocket, hopping on my bike and heading to the little league field to play ball. And always when I get my new House of Fear I get nostalgic as I am transported back to my youth. It's a lot of fun.

James needs one final push to get over the finish line, so head over now and back this fine creator today.

And check the next update for your backer only bonus book!

rob and the TFT team

House of Fear Bonus Book **Backers Only Access**
10 months ago – Thu, May 19, 2022 at 07:45:58 PM

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