Turner Family Terrors 1-3: The Suburban Slayers Are Back!

Created by Robert Krisch

A new comic starring monster-slaying, foul-mouthed, bumbling adventurers The Turner Family! Think The Simpsons meets Hellboy.

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Turner Family Terrors #4 is Live! Early Bird Rewards Ending Soon
7 months ago – Tue, Sep 19, 2023 at 01:17:33 PM

Hello Wonderful Backer!

We are thrilled to return to Kickstarter with Turner Family Terrors Issue #4: Judgment Night! - a super-sized adrenaline-fueled 32 page, explosive conclusion to our first ever miniseries - Night Terrors!  Our monster-slaying, foul-mouthed, bumbling adventurers return in this Epic Finale!

You can click here to head over to the Party.

Our Early Bird Rewards are available for only a few more hours.  Discounted Early Bird Tiers ($2-$20 off), 6 Free Comic pdfs ($30 value), plus any Physical Backer @ $30 & up will receive a bonus Variant Cover (straight from the vault - $19 value!) - grab'em while they're hot.

Our art team poured their heart and soul into this issue. Fantastic Covers like our Cryptid Cover A by Easton Hawk or our Cthulhu Returns Rare Variant by Kyle Roberts & Wes Hartman.

Your early pledge will help us have the strongest possible launch!

Hope to see you there!

rob, ske, nicole, chris and the entire TFT Team

I'm still alive, TFT4 Kickstarter moved to mid-September, Plus Espresso Detective has 1 more day.
8 months ago – Thu, Aug 24, 2023 at 01:52:54 PM

Hey Guys-

I wanted to say 'Hey' and give you an update on the upcoming Turner Family Terrors Issue #4 Kickstarter.  As most of you know, we were set to launch Aug 15th, but unfortunately I got sick, real sick. First it was the Covid, then it was Poison Oak (I shit you not), then a Tropical Storm hit LA for the first time in 80 years (great),  throw in a minor Earthquake, I even saw a friggin' coyote running down the street, chasing my neighbor's dog (lovely) . So, yeah, one hell of a month. But I wanted to reach out and let you know I'm still alive and on the mend. I have a little time off from work mid-September, so I'm penciling in next month to officially launch this party on Kickstarter.  Let's do it! More details to come real soon...

 Espresso Detective back on Kickstarter for 33 more hours

One of the beautiful things about Kickstarter is I get a chance to promote friends and fellow creators who are launching fantastic books. One such dude is Eric Erdek. He's back with another Espresso Detective and I am a backer and lover of this series. It's gritty, noir, supernatural and a hell of a lot of fun to read. But I wasn't always sure I'd see more issues of the comic produced. A while back Eric messaged us to let us know he had experience a detached retina, and we were a little unclear of his prognosis. I was relieved to hear that he's doing a lot better and getting closer and closer back to 100%. He has a new chapter of his book out, so definitely check out his series and see if its your cup of Joe, and back that baby.  Here's some info from his Kickstarter page:

You can back Espresso Detective here.


Thanks again to everyone who's checked in on me during my little rough patch. I'm looking forward to connecting with you all next month and launching issue #4 the epic finale of the TFT saga!

take care and talk soon,

rob and the entire tft team

Big Announcement!
9 months ago – Mon, Jul 03, 2023 at 08:02:29 AM

Hey There.

Everyone here at TFT Central is psyched to announce the launch date of the next installment of Turner Family Terrors. We'll be launching the fourth issue (and final chapter of story arc #1!) Tuesday Aug 15th and running until September 15th. Click here and hit the "Notify me on Launch" button for updates.   We are currently at 87 follows and looking to push that to over 100. By following the campaign now, you'll be notified when we go live and be eligible for our 3 tiers of Early Bird Rewards. Yep, we're going all out with those Early Birds this time around as a way of saying Thanks to all you amazing backers for supporting the series these crazy few years. So head over to our Pre-Launch page and help us get that ole Kickstarter algorithm a buzzin'. 

Lets' get to some eye-candy!  Here's a sneak peek at 2 of our 3 covers (we'll keep Christie Shinn's Kickstarter Exclusive Cover under wraps for now)...

Artist Easton Hawk returns with TFT4 "Cryptid" Cover A
Illustrator Kyle Roberts and Colorist Wes Hartman are back with TFT4 "Cthulhu Returns" Variant Cover B

We're stoked to launch this epic finale on Kickstarter soon.  We've already heard from a bunch of fans excited about the upcoming book. Your enthusiasm is infectious. If you've already signed up to follow the campaign - Big Thanks! if you haven't yet, take a sec this morning and hit "Notify me on Launch" and get signed up for the party set to launch in just a few weeks. 

rob and the TFT team

...And If You're Jonesing To Support A Kickstarter Now.

My friend Matta Sorcier is back with Sacrimony #1-6 - A Fantasy Drama about Love, Life and Death.  I met Matta last year during our TFT3 campaign and have been a fan and backer ever since.  Matta is the writer/creator and Artist! for her comics. I am always in awe of these writer/artists types (considering I can't draw a lick), plus illustrating the books is where most of the time and effort goes, so to pull double duty with your graphic novel is just an intense labor of love.  Here's a little more about her book from her Kickstarter page:


Sacrimony #1-6 - A Fantasy Drama about Love, Life and Death

Yunika is dead, but little does she know there's a fate worse than death. Is she in heaven or in hell? Is there any difference?

Yunika is dead.

After wrongfully being executed as a traitor to her people, she discovers a desolate and confused heaven, devoid of a god and covered in ruins as far as the eye can see. Against all odds, Yunika embarks on a perilous journey to reach the divine palace high atop a treacherous cliffside, where intruders are usually eliminated on sight. Determined to figure out if she’s in heaven or in hell, she wonders if there's even a difference anymore.

Sacrimony is a captivating fantasy-drama that immerses readers in a world where the afterlife is riddled with secrets, betrayals, and the pursuit of truth. Through its vivid imagery and intricate world-building, Sacrimony offers a thought-provoking exploration of justice, and the transformative power of questioning the status quo.


Matta is currently at 85% funded with 7 days left, so head over and help put her campaign over the top and fund her impressive passion project.

Fun Fact:  Turns out Matta is a fan of Turner Family Terrors. (What can I say, she has impeccable taste.) Here's what she had to say about our series. "It has all of the things that I enjoy about a good comedy: a dysfunctional family, lots of cursing at the most inappropriate times, people getting kicked in the balls, a cursed child, ancient artifacts that do cool shit and a cast of wacky villains including a monkey in a space suit."

Hey, she gets it!

Take a sec to follow the TFT4 Pre-Launch page and back Sacrimony #1-6 live on Kickstarter.

Free Comic Book Day Signing on Sunday May 7th!
almost 1 year ago – Thu, Apr 13, 2023 at 12:17:47 PM


Got some news!

Free Comic Book Day (Weekend) is coming up May 6th and 7th and one of our rad local shops The Comic Bug Culver City invited me to come on down Sunday the 7th from 12-4, to sign some books and help throw the party.  I remember a few years back when they invited Stan Lee! to star in the event.  There was a noticeable buzz in the neighborhood. Unfortunately Stan can't make it this year, so they gave me a ring and I'm honored to be a part of the event. So if you are in the area, head over to The Comic Bug on Sunday the 7th from 12-4! (10814 Jefferson Blvd Ste L, Culver City, CA 90230)

Nightmare Theater Two has arrived!  MWAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!

All good things come to those who wait. Right? I kept telling myself that as I patiently counted the days until I got my hands on Nightmare Theater 2, the epic anthology I contributed to a while back. Well, the wait is over and I have the books in hand, including this killer cover by legendary illustrator Emanuele Taglietti. So for the four backers who picked up this sinful treat during the TFT3 kickstarter, your books will be shipped this week. If you missed out and would like to grab a copy, NT2 will be available during... 

 ...The Turner Family Terrors Issue 4 Kickstarter launching in June!  

The epic first story arc of the series wraps up with the fourth and final issue of Volume 1. We are 99% done with the art and psyched to be headed back to Kickstarter. We're launching in June, not exactly sure when. I first need to buckle down and survive this final month of coaching Little League Baseball.

Hope you are well and hope to see some familiar faces at Free Comic Book Day.

rob and the TFT team

Signing Books Tomorrow @The Comic Bug - Culver City, Wed 3/8 2-5pm.
about 1 year ago – Tue, Mar 07, 2023 at 10:47:43 AM

Hey There!

I'll be hanging with all the Wednesday Warriors tomorrow March 8th 2-5pm Culver City (10814 Jefferson Blvd Ste L, Culver City, CA 90230). I love seeing all my Kickstarter backers in person, so come on by and chat me up! Hope to see you then.

- rob